Sun, Spring, Self-discipline !

Rise and shine!
In the last week we were blessed with really sunny days. It is quite a rare event here in England and I learned to appreciate it (coming from Italy, I have suffered quite a lot about the dark and cold of winter months).

I realised that Spring is around the corner and I allowed myself to wonder and dream about all the exciting projects I will soon cast/hook on.

My first thought was to find a new colourful palette to draw inspiration from. During this time of the year, thanks to the first warm weather, I feel like I just want to work with cotton yarn.
Thanks to my local yarn shop in Lichfield (The Sewing Shop) I always have a wide choice of yarn to choose from.
My own personal Spring 2014 colour palette features my favourite cotton yarn: Stylecraft Classique!

My selection for this Spring projects!

I have way so many ideas and pattern in mind and I really cannot wait to start creating something new.

I personally didn’t consider working with bright colours before, but since I saw some of the projects on Let’s Get Crafting! Knitting & Crochet magazine I totally changed my mind. I now feel daring!
From their issue #52 I already realised a couple of patterns. You can see one of them on my Ravelry page, it is called Geometric Cushion a design of Lucinda Ganderton.

On my list there are projects like this wonderful Placemat and Coaster designed by Tamara Kelly

I also fell in love with Oscar the Owl by Amanda Berry that is also featured in #52 of Let’s Get Crafting! Knitting & Crochet. Isn’t it simply adorable?

Yes this Spring crafting will be dedicated to decorative home items…but all this will have to wait a little bit longer.
I committed myself to a big project that has to be delivered before the end of the month (if you are curious you can find it in my WIP section), and until that one is finished I cannot really begin a new one.

I think it is the crafter curse… you start a project that you love and while you are still doing it, your mind comes up with many other creative ideas for a thousand more projects.

So SELF-DISCIPLINE is required… no new projects until the blanket is done! I will try really hard to stick with it as the blanket really means a lot to me and to the commissioner.

In the meanwhile I finally found a good use for the Cable Bag I knitted last September while I was on holiday.

The pattern is from Vogueknitting and you can find it in here, you just need to register to their website.

If any of you wants to share their Spring/Summer projects I will be happy to read about it, I love to see what my fellow crafters come up with.


Presents are always welcome, not only at Christmas.

One of the reasons why I enjoy my crochet-knitting so much is that it allows me to create something unique for my family and friends.
Handmade presents speak directly from the heart, and when they are unexpected, the look of surprise and joy on people’s faces is the biggest rewards of all.
This last Christmas it has been a yarn celebration. I had planned all the projects and I started to craft in October, but on December 23rd I was still putting the finish touches to the last project.
I know many other knitters will relate.

Anyway, as the holiday season passed I collected my yarn and set off for new wolly adventures.

I recently found out that one of my friends back in Italy was expecting (a baby girl!) and, since I love knitting baby garments I decided it was time for a new project.
I was at The Sewing Shop for the monthly Knit-ad-natter meeting (they host all sorts of workshops and work groups) and I fell in love with this yarn.

Smooth - King Cole

It is called King Cole – Smooth and it was a bliss working with it.
I opted to make a simple plain cardigan in order to compensate the multi color texture deriving from the yarn itself. I created a topdown pattern that would fit a baby 3-6 months old. This is the result.

I am planning to put the pattern on Ravelry once I will have the time to write it down properly… at the moment it appears to be just a multitude of weird looking scribbles and drawings.
It was a fun project and the reaction of my friend, when she got it in the mail, was priceless. Surprise and happiness at pure state, it really warmed my heart.

As many other crafters, I never work only one project at the time. I always have a knitting project and a crochet one casted on at the same time.
This time, however, I had two knitting projects going along.

This second one was a long overdue promise I made. My friend (and PhD collegue) Fabiana had asked me back in September to make her a replica of her favourite fingerless gloves, since her pair was falling to pieces.
I felt terrible for being so late on delivery… so I really urged myself to work hard and fast for this one.
It was a simple pattern to create, but even if so, it was my first pair of gloves, so I was a bit nervous.
Two weeks later I managed to finish them. Here they are in all their glory (click here for the Ravelry link).


They are on their way towards Manchester, so I cannot tell you if they were exactly like she wanted them…
Luckly (?) here in England the weather is still keeping us in the cold cold weather, so she will be able to test them soon enough.