More wedding stuff!

So as I anticipated in my last post, this year I have been invited to four weddings!
It surely is exciting that so many people are in love and decided to get married, a little less thrilling is the fact that three of these wedding are concentrated within three weeks and are divided between two countries.

I am also maid of honour for two of the three, so I had my work cut out for myself. I already attended a wedding in April, in Rome and it was simply a delight; now I am preparing for a three week intense wedding attendance (first in line is tomorrow).

Two of the brides asked me to make them a personalised wedding ring pillows, and I gladly accepted.

Lisa’s wedding colour scheme is going to be lilac, Tiffany blue and silver. In my head it was something looking like this:

I considered my options and I decided that for her wedding ring pillow the best choice would be Lilac with a silver brooch. She will add a Tiffany blue ribbon when I give it to her. As Lisa likes simple, but pretty things I decided to use my most classic design. This is the result:

Once I finished it I was really pleased with it (and so far she is too, at least from the picture I sent her through Whatsapp). I can only hope that next week, when she will have to use it for the cerimony, she will still be.

Lisa has been a very close friend of mine since I was 7 years old, we really went through a lot together and since now I live in England and she is back in Italy, I didn’t have the chance to be there to help her through the preparations for her big day.

Moved by the desire to make something special and unexpected for her, I decided to also make her a bridal bag. Lisa does crochet and knitting as well, so I am pretty sure she will appreciate this kind of gift ūüôā
I wanted something small enough not to bother her during the wedding, but at the same time big enough to store her phone and some other small objects.

There were many options of patterns out there, both on Ravelry and on other blogs, but nothing really spoke to me. After trying and failing, I decided to create something new and inspired by her.

This is what I called Lisa’s wedding bag. I used some Italian cotton I had in shade white and lavender, but Rico Design Crochet Essential Cotton DK white and violet would do just fine.

The bag is about 13.5 cm tall and 13 cm wide at the base. As you can see I also applied a little rose on the side which I found on the Lion Brand website as an embellishment for another bridal bag. If you want to make it you can find it here, just sign up for the Lion Bran website to access their stunning patterns.

I also had some beads, small little pearls that I thought could really add some extra spark to the bag. I used them at the end of the cord.

As I carried the two colour yarns along the inside really looked tidy, without many loose ends to weave in, but something was missing. A beautiful satin lining!

I am not seamstress, I can sew my crochet or knitting together, but sewing (by hand or with a sewing machine) is definitely not my trade.

[*Begin of a little digression on my private life. I was recently gifted a sewing machine by a wonderful lady who knew I wanted to learn, but at the moment I am still reading the manual and this project was definitely not one I wanted to sacrifice to the Gods of learning.*End of digression on my own private dreams and missing achievements*]

Luckily for me I am surrounded by very talented and skillful people, and this time it was Eve who came to the rescue. She not only lined the bag for me, but she also showed me how to do it (with the hope I could replicate it on my own on a different project).

The lining was the perfect final touch, it also gave the bag the support it needed. Thank you Eve!

The othe bride of mine *giggles* is Italian but now lives near me here in England. Having her close meant that I could be more involved in her wedding preparations.

She went for a more traditional colour scheme, Ivory and Red. A classic and fancy choice. Since I knew a little bit more about her choices for the venue and the wedding I decided to push myself out of my comfort zone and try to add some beading to my crochet. I took one of my wedding ring pillow design and I modified it a little so that I could place some pearls on the front. This is how it turned out.

I honestly cannot say who was the most excited, if the bride or me when I finished it. She has it already (hers is the first wedding of the September season) so I am positive she really liked it. [*Phew*]

As she saw the bag I made for Lisa’s big day she pulled out her best puppy eyes to me and asked me if I could make her another one in the colours of her wedding. One week more or less to her wedding and I took my crochet hook out and whipped out her own version of the bag.

This time I used thicker yarns (Sirdar Soukie gold dust, Patons Smoothie red, and some doubled Anchor Artiste Metallic silver) as she wanted those specific hues in her bag. I had to modify the pattern but I believe the result is beautiful nonetheless.

So today here I am, ironing the last bits of our dress and suit to start this wedding season. We start tomorrow and it will be a long and exciting September month.

If you liked my bag, keep an eye on my Ravelry shop page, the pattern for Lisa’s wedding bag will be published there soon ūüôā Simply Yarn on Ravelry.

*** UPDATE ***

The pattern to make your own Bridal bag  is available for digital download on Ravelry, click here.


A new adventure for me! Introducing the Galaxy Cowl!

Hello everyone.
As I had anticipated in my previous post it is time for me to share some exciting news.

I have opened an Etsy shop and I also added a pattern for sale on Ravelry!

Since I enjoy knitting and crochet so much I thought it was time to see if my makes would be interesting to others.

I was reassured by the nice results that some of my free patterns had on Ravelry (if you fancy a visit to my pattern store in there, just click here).

Yes, I totally understand that everything that comes for free is more interesting than when you need to pay for it, but I also thought it was time for a new challenge!

Ravelry is such an important source for us knitters and crochet enthusiasts that I have to admit it is a little intimidating to upload something there for sale and hoping that others will love my own design as much as I do. Nevertheless I loved this project so much I decided to take a leap of faith and publish its pattern for sale.

This is what I named The Galaxy Cowl.

It is knitted in round with RIco Design Galaxy Chunky yarn which has sequins already attached to it. I love the spiral effect of the running rib. The colours and the softness of this yarn really fascinated me.

I also loved the fact that since I worked it in round the cowl was also totally reversible.

The pattern is available for sale as digital download. I wrote down the instructions for both knitting in round and knitting on straight needles, trying to made it available for everyone. Of course, if you knit it flat you will have to sew the side and the seam will be the back of the garment. If you want to purchase it you can just click on the following picture and you will be redirected to Ravelry.

The same pattern as a PDF is also availbe as a listing on Etsy. In there I also put on sale items that I made either from commercial or my own patterns. I am exploring new ranges, so besides my beloved garments and accessories, I also added some home decor ideas.

The Spring has begun, Summer is just behind the corner… I am confident that many more items will appear on my listings.

I am really excited about this, so even if you don’t want to buy anything, but you feel like you wish to give me some feedback I will be glad to hear from you.

Now without further delay, i give the almighty LINK to visit my Etsy shop. I will post updates in here about the making of some of the objects, so if you are patient and you are interested you will also find the pattern of my own original designs.

Speak soon, now I run out to enjoy the sunshine!

Drawers or Wardrobe fresheners – Stash buster mini project. Free pattern

Today I decided to present you an easy project to get rid of the yarn leftovers that lay at the bottom of our yarn containers.

It is a fact that we find it difficult to depart from the yarn that is left behind after our bigger projects have been finished, mainly because in our eyes it really feels like a true crime to throw away perfect good yarn (even if in little amount). At least this is how I feel.

I am always happy to work on quick knits because they also allow me to experiment with new free hand designs and they are perfect to donate for small charity sales. I am preparing some items to donate for my local charity so I went scouting in the depth of my yarn stash for the little forgotten yarn balls.

I found some really nice cotton in two shades (prewinkle and pale rose) which was gifted to me from my mom called TRIFOGLIO ritorto; the maker is Coat Cucirini but on their website this variety is not even mentioned anymore (I believe it was discontinued Рmy mourning session about it will be expressed in another post).

I also exhumed some Rico Design Essential (white РWeiss) and some Stylecraft Classique Cotton (saville).

I decided to create some drawer or wardrobe freshener as they are quite a versatile project when the perfume of the filling is dissipated (if you like the pouch it can also be used as a jewelry bag or a phone cozy).

So I set to work and these are the designs I came up with.

I filled them with some green apple pot-pourri I had in the house, lodged safely into a small (and cheap) organza bag to prevent any spillage.

This is a knitted pouch.

This is a crochet pouch.

It occurred to me that this would be also a perfect occasion to try and write down a pattern to share with you. I am aware it is a really simply design, and many of you would be able to replicate it with no instructions, but I also know there are many beginners out there looking for inspiration, and a small project like this might be temtping for them.


Set of 4 DPN needles 3.0 mm

Crochet hook  3.0 mm

Scraps of yarn ( I used about 20-25 g cotton per pouch)

Darning needle

Organza pouches

Lavander / Pot-pourri for the filling


Perwinkle pouch, diamond eyelet.

CO 40 sts, join in round

Divide the stitches in the following way

needle 1:            20 sts,

needle 2:            10 sts,

needle 3:            10sts.


Round 1 Knit

Round 2 Purl

Round 3 Knit

Round 4 (k2, k2tog, yo) all the way around

Round 5-10 Knit

Round 11 Needle 1: k7, k2tog, yo, k2, yo, skpo, k7; needle 2 & 3 Knit

Round 12-13 Knit

Round 14 Needle 1: k6, k2tog, yo, k4, yo, skpo, k6; needle 2 & 3 Knit

Round 15-16 Knit

Round 17 Needle 1: k5, k2tog, yo, k6, yo, skpo, k5; needle 2 & 3 Knit

Round 18-19 Knit

Round 20 Needle 1: k4, k2tog, yo, k8, yo, skpo, k4; needle 2 & 3 Knit

Round 21-22-23 Knit

Round 24 Needle 1: k4, skpo, yo, k8, yo, k2tog, k4* ; needle 2 & 3 Knit (*edited on 26/02/16 thank you Stargrace!) 

Round 25-26 Knit

Round 27 Needle 1: k5, skpo, yo, k6, yo, k2tog, k5; needle 2 & 3 Knit

Round 28-29 Knit

Round 30 Needle 1: k6, skpo, yo, k4, yo, k2tog, k6; needle 2 & 3 Knit

Round 31-32 Knit

Round 33 Needle 1: k7, skpo, yo, k2, yo, k2tog, k7; needle 2 & 3 Knit

Round 34-38 Knit

Rearrange the sts on needle 2 & 3 on the same needle, using the 3 needles method, bind off.

With the crochet hook make a chain of 90 sts (or your desired length) to create the cord for the pouch.

Weave all the ends in.


White pouch, fern eyelet. *indicates the new pattern instructions, after spotting a mistake in the original pattern 

CO 40 sts, join in round

Divide the stitches in the following way

needle 1:            9 sts,*

needle 2:            22 sts,*

needle 3:            9 sts.

Round 1 Knit

Round 2 Purl

Round 3 Knit

Round 4 (k1, k2tog, yo) k1 all the way around

Round 5-7 Knit

Round 8 Needle 1: k9; needle 2: k6 (k2tog, yo)twice, p2, (yo, skpo) twice, k6; needle 3: K9

Round 9 K19, p2, k19

Round 10 Needle 1: k9; needle 2: k5 (k2tog, yo)twice,k1, p2,k1, (yo, skpo) twice, k5; needle 3: K9

Round 11 K19, p2, k19

Round 12 Needle 1: k9; needle 2: k4 (k2tog, yo)twice, k2, p2, k2, (yo, skpo) twice, k4; needle 3: K9

Round 13 k19, p2, k19

Round 14 Needle 1: k9; needle 2: k3 (k2tog, yo)twice, k3, p2, k3, (yo, skpo) twice, k3; needle 3: K9

Round 15 k19, p2, k19

Repeat round 8- 15 5 times

Round 32-34 Knit

Rearrange the sts on needle 2 & 3 on the same needle adding a sts from needle 2 at the two sides, then using the 3 needles method, bind off.

With the crochet hook make a chain of 90 sts (or your desired length) to create the cord for the pouch.

Weave all the ends in.


Orange pouch

With the crochet hook chain 40 sts and join in round.

Round 1 ch 1,sc all around, join with a sl st

Round 2 ch 1,sc all around, join with a sl st

Round 3 ch 3 (counts as a 1dc+1ch), *skip next st, 1dc in the next st* repeat ** all the way around, join with a sl st

Round 4 ch1, *sc in ch of the space, sc in the next st* repeat ** all the way around, join with a sl st

Round 5-6 ch 1, sc all around, join with a sl st

Round 7 ch 2, hdc all the way around,join with a sl st

Round 8 ch 1, sc blo all the way around,join with a sl st

Round 9 ch 1, sc all the way around,join with a sl st

Repeat round 7-9 three times

Round 16 ch 1, sc blo all the way around,join with a sl st

Round 17 ch 1, sc all the way around,join with a sl st

Bring the two sides of the pouch together and sew them together working a sl st through the internal loop of each stitch.

Make a chain of 90 sts (or your desired length) to create the cord for the pouch.

Weave all the ends in.


That’s all folks, if you spot any error on my pattern or if you feel like commenting on it, please let me know. Constructive criticism makes my world go round ūüôā



Crochet Lace Doilies … Yay or Nay?

In the last days I decided to take out my crochet hook and enjoy the feeling of creating something that wouldn’t weigh a ton.

I had bought a few balls of Rico Design Crochet Essentials cotton and I was itching to explore how it would perform.

I first decided to create some free hand coasters featuring all the colors I had.

This is what I realized with a size 2.00 mm hook.

Doily 1
Doily 2

I am not such a skilled crochet and lace weight always feel intimidating. My only previous experience was a set of four coasters I had made for mum for Christmas… and you know… usually mums never harshly critique the crafted presents they receive from their daughters.

I think the red opaque cotton (which was a leftover found at the bottom of my grandmother stash) was a delight to work with.

heart doily

The pattern of this red coaster is free and provided by Red Heart. I really enjoyed it.

Anyway, I felt it was time to push myself out of my comfort zone, and I selected a little more complicated pattern to do. You can see it on Cylinda Mathews’s Ravelry Page or if you don’t have a Ravelry account you can access it here.

Admittedly it wasn’t an easy ride, even if the instructions were really clear, I blame my little skill.

Overall I am really happy with the result and this project gave me enough confidence to explore more works of this kind.

Big Doily

What about you? Are doilies too old fashioned or you believe they can be spruced up and reinvented into modern fashion?