Holidays gone, so back to business!

Back in England after wedding season in Italy!
It feels good to be home, even if I have to admit I enjoyed being on holiday and able to relax.

One of the most amazing things about Italy is that the weather really differs from region to region.
For the last wedding of the year (congratulations again Laura and Mauro!) we were on Garda Lake. The sun was shining and we had about 28 degrees. Not too bad for late September!

Have a look and judge for yourself if it doesn’t look like we were still in full Summer!

These pictures were taken in Gargnano, one of the beautiful little towns on the Garda Lake (and some of my family lives there, so I guess advertising is always good).

The wedding was on the weekend then on Sunday afternoon we traveled to the Alps to my beloved Bormio. As a child first and as a teenager later, I spent most of my Summers in there. There are so many good memories for me stored in the narrow cobblestone roads of that town and I enjoyed sharing them with Steven (the BF).

Our time in the Alps was really lovely even if we got surprised by … the SNOW. Yes it is not uncommon for it to snow at such altitude, still it was only late September! Despite the couple of gray days we also had a really clear sky and a preview of the Alps in white, which is always something magical.

As I said in the beginning now we are back in England and life went back to our normal routine.

Going to Tesco to do our normal food shopping run, I noticed that Christmas food, decorations and themed items are already on display available for purchase.

It always seems that Christmas creeps on me with little or no notice, so this time I decided to start working on my handmade decorations early (or at least I am trying to).

So off with my first project.
I tried my hand at a knitted star decoration. I made this using King Cole Glitz (variegated yarn in Christmas colours). Here it is:

The pattern is not mine, so I am just going to leave you the link if you want to try it yourself It is called “Iron Craft Challenge #24 – Knit Star Ornaments”

I think the result is really pretty, but the amount of sewing required to assemble the star is not for me. I guess it depends on your own pet peeves, mine is sewing so this one will remain a lone star 😀

On the other hand, I like the yarn. It is really festive and it feel great while knitting (despite being a 97% Acrylic 3% Polyester mix).

So I tried it on a different project.. A classic Christmas bauble! I modified a basic pattern called “Pretty Christmas Bauble from Val Pierce” published on Deramores website. The pattern is worked flat and designed to cover a stiff plastic bauble. Instead, I worked it in round and filled the bauble with polyester filling (that’s also why my bauble is not a perfect round shape).

I can see these projects are cute, but they are not what I am going for. I guess I will have to keep experimenting and trying different ideas. I still have to finish a crochet project that I started this late Summer and maybe that will do the trick.

For now I enjoy having this lovely Christmas yarn and scouting the internet for inspiration. If you have a pattern that you think it will work well with it, please feel free to share it with me!


Christmas .. there is no better time to get hooked !

Hello everyone! First of all let me say I am sorry for the long silence.

Many things have happened since September that prevented me from posting in here; namely I lost my little gallbladder (not that I am sad it is gone, because lately it misbehaved creating me great discomfort to say the least).

I was away from the blog but I was not on rest from my crochet projects and my knitting needles.

This year Christmas has really creeped on me, and I am not proud to say I am falling behind making all the handmade presents I promised to family and friends.

In addition I will also be attending my first proper Christmas Craft Fair (exciting isn’t it?) this weekend and since my adventure as a crafter has just begun, I had to work hard to have something to display on the day.

I have now a few projects that I am happy to share wih you with the hope to inspire those of you who are still looking for ideas for gifts for family and friends.

I have to admit I fell in love with the idea of decorating Christmas baubles (side note: from a foreigner point of view I voted the word bauble as the most difficult to pronounce for year 2014).

I found many excellent ideas and pattern out there, these are a few:

I loved the pattern at first sight, and I was delighted to see the pattern creator made a VIDEO tutorial or us to follow.

As you can see I used unconventional colours (that’s my style) but I am sure any more tamed colour would work just as well. My version protrays Rico Essential Crochet in shades Purple, Light Green and Turquoise on a 2 mm hook.

As I know people might also want some sparkly Christmas ornament I scouted Ravelry and I went for this design:

For this one I was inspired by this Christmas Ornament by Susan M Allen that is on sale on Ravelry. I modified the pattern to fit my bauble which was made with Anchor Glitter in Silver shade and 2 mm hook. If you are in this sparkly traditional style I would seriously advise to browse her Ravelry Shop page as she really have many different designs available (click here to see her store page).

One more Christmas ornament decoration:

This also comes from a video tutorial made by the Crochet Crowd

I modified their pattern as I didn’t like the idea of cutting the yarn and restarting at the top of the loop (I am for more practical designs) especially since I used Grundl in Bronze shade with a 2 mm hook and metallic thread is a bit resistant to manipulations.

My last Christmas project for the day is a present for the daughter of friends (teenagers who love hand made yarn presents are the best). Her parents told me she was really into  Baby Groot for the movie Guardians of the Galaxy and asked me if I could make one for her. I also am in love with that little dancing twig,  have a look at it and I dare you not to find it cute.

I scouted the internet for help (it is not a immediate shape and construction) and I found this fantastic blog entry from Krawka crochet blog. Unfortunately I didn’t have any white pot and I had to improvise due to the limited time frame  I had before Christmas, but overall I am happy about my own version of Baby Groot.

Now I just need to polish the pot and send it over to a hopefully happy girl.

Next blog entry will be about crochet hanging decorations, I am still experimenting a bit with them so be patient, they will make an appearance as soon.

If you have any project to share I will be more than happy to see what you have been up to!