How I maintain my mental sanity while knitting HUGE projects.

Hello everyone,
I decided it was time for a little update about one of my WIPs.

I am knitting a double size blanket, it will be made of 16 squares in a black frame. In each of these squares I will embroider the name of a member of the family in Duplicate Stitch.

Sounds easy enough, but I seriously underestimated the amount of work (and time) this project was going to take.
I am 2 and a half weeks in (or maybe 3 weeks) and I managed to knit half of the blanket.

You can see how beautiful it turned out (I hope I am not the only one to like it).

Half Blanket

Now I am tackling the second half.

If you consider that each squares is made of 62 sts on 76 rows, you can easily understand how long it takes me to knit each row (139 sts included the borders).

I meticulously write down all the rows I knit just because I find counting the knitted rows extremly boring, and it usually leads me to have a different result each time.

I also admit I use the numbers to entertain myself while I knit.

As you can see from the picture I don’t have to pay to much attention to what I am doing. It is a simple stockinette and garter stitch pattern, and really the only precaution I need to take is remembering to twist the yarn in the back when I join two different colours.

In order to prevent myself from falling asleep while knitting (it wouldn’t been the first time) I try to find anything to keep my brain occupied.
I started to write the number of rows using different fonts, in neat coloumns, trying to fit a specific amount of pairs on each line of the paper… and so on.
I felt a strange sense of accomplishment everytime I reached out for my notepad to write the figures down.

The excitement, however, was short lived everytime I stopped and thought about the TOTAL amount of rows I still had to knit.

So I decided to trick myself into thinking about how many rows I needed to knit for each colour block, divide it by two and set that row as a goal to reach. You see, when you get to the half of what you need to do (38 rows in my case), it magically seems less daunting. After I pass row 38 I can see the “light” again, I can now count the rows I have LEFT till I am done with each block.

Working with different colours on each couple of squares helps me a lot too. I try to get excited everytime I start knitting a new colour combination, I anticipate what they will look like and this drags me through the following 14 rows of the black border.

And so on, I repeated almost the same identical process for all those 374 rows which combined gave me my first half of the blanket.

Of course I now feel accomplishment of having completed my first half… and I need to convey this sense of elation into willpower to put myself to work on the remaining half.

I can start counting again, I have only 338 rows to go now…


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