New Blanket

This week has marked the beginning of a new project.

I really cherish this particular one for two reasons:

1) it will be done to be gifted to a friend’s mom as a birthday present

2) it is an elaboration of one of my original designs.

For Christmas I came up with the idea to create a memory blanket for my sister-in-law. She has always been a cat rescuer / lover / guardian (I love this term, thanks Jackson Galaxy!). During many years she had sixteen cats… so you can imagine that adding them all to the blanket took some time and effort.
Anyway as stubborn as I am I decided to go on and do it! This is the end result


Recently another friend of mine saw the blanket on my Facebook page and asked me to create a similar one for her mother’s birthday. I was exstatic and I embarked in this new adveture.

I tried to make good use of my previous knowledge and instead of improvising the final layout I decided to carry out a precise measuring of each element. I wanted to make my friend and her mum proud!

After knitting my swatches with the sample of stitches I wanted in the blanket, I used what I think is one of the best invention to Math dummies like me: the knitting calculator!
20140225_134839_wm (1)

Happy as a bunny I then casted on my 180 sts and set to work.


After working something like 15 rows (for the edge) I realized that since what I was working was just HALF of the width for the final blanket something was definitely not right.

Yes I think you saw this one coming … instead of knitting a single bed blanket I would ended up having something as big as a double bed sized throw.
I think I forgot to mention this work will need to be finished and sent to Italy before half April… there was no way I would have made it in time with that size.

So, disappointed to have also failed the use of the knitting calculator, I decided to frog it and change my plan.


Recalculating the spaces between the letters and those of the borders I obtained a more sensible gauge.
This is a preview of what I have achieved so far… needless to say I am in love with the colours and this is just half of it! I am using King Cole Pricewise DK.


So finger crossed, BRING IT ON!


Kindle Case and crocodile stitch

Kindle Case and crocodile stitch

I decided to open this personal blog with an image that, despite its semplicity, represents me really well.

My inner passion is Literature, more in specific translation. It is something I am working hard to transform into my profession. At the moment I am a translator in training: research and thesis writing… the joys of Academia’s life. I simply love it. I enjoy the thought of bringing readers from my country books and authors coming from such different realities.

I consider translators to be silent and hidden weavers of words, sounds and images. Sure they have a pattern to follow, but the final result of their work is determined by the level of care and attention to detail they devote to it.

While my brain is continuously stimulated and challenged by my Academic activities, I find myself with an intense need and desire to create something of my own. Maybe it is a simple ambition of ownership, reclaiming something as totally mine.
Whatever the reason behind it, I find that having a project in my hands really helps me relax and keep up the delicate balance that many struggle to find.

And so here you have me: a person who wants to create, through language or through yarn, I want to reach you.